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For teachers and NGO: Global Learning in Berlin

Global Education at Berlin Schools

This is a meeting platform for teachers and employees of Global Education contractors.

Teachers: If you wish to educate yourself and your students on a global level and need competent and reliable experts on the matter, please go directly to our list of competent contractors for Global Education.

Non-governmental organisations: If you would like to offer Global Education at Berlin schools, please sign up using our form. You will then be included in our newsletter and recommended to Berlin schools as a competent and reliable organisation.

On this platform we will demonstrate the formal basics for an exciting cooperation.

How to get the world as a whole into Berlin classrooms

The Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag advocates a structural embedding of 'Global Education' in Berlin curiccula.

To act ecologically and socially responsible – to understand the world as a whole: That is the idea behind ‘Global Education’. To incourage this process, young people should be made familiar with the One-World-Thought starting in their schooldays. As ‘Experts for lived realities worldwide’, the Berlin NGO contribute considerably to this process by offering educational and cultural projects at Berlin schools.

Global Education worldwide: The international decade for ‘Education for stustainable development 2005-2014'

In 2002 the United Nations proclaimed the international decade ‘Education for sustainable development 2005-2015'. The goal of this educational program is to convey to citizens the abilities and sociopolitical awareness needed to create a world worth living in, today and for future generations. (>>>link to the German government’s report on the first half of the decade, 2009)

Global Education in Germany:

In June 2007, the general orientational conditions ‘Global development: Education for sustainable development’ were adopted by the conference of ministers for education and the ministry for economic cooperation (BMZ). It can be used as a basis for the development of curricula.

Global Education in Berlin

Non-governmental organisations in Berlin support development projects worldwide, maintain town twinnings and are Berlin’s vital educational institutions for One-World-Issues. They have provided and continue to provide their competence, experience, contacts and staff for Global Education at Berlin schools. They are part of the ‘education network’, which is coordinated by the Berlin Development Education and Information Center. The Berlin school act established the opening of schools for cooperation with extracurricula partners. Such partners are NGO who work on issues concerning development co-operation and development politics.

Framework for the co-operation of schools and initiatives for development co-operation. Signed by the senate for education, sciences and research and the Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag (BER e.V.), December 2008

On December 18th, 2008, the Berliner Entwicklungspolitische Ratschlag (BER e.V.) and the senate for education, sciences and research jointly signed a framework agreement for the cooperation between schools and NGO for development co-operation. This agreement facilitates the cooperation between schools and NGO as extracurricula contractors of Global Education.

List of recommendations: Which NGO are as competent contractors of Global Education?

Attached to the framework agreement is a list of NGO which work on issues of development co-operation and are recommended as contractors of Global Education at Berlin schools. This list is updated frequently and forwarded to Berlin schools. It is also open to non-members of the BER. After consulting the EPIZ, the DED school-program and the senate for economy, technology and women, the BER and the senate for education decide which NGO will be included. Excluded from this list are contractors for Global Education who see the main aim of the activities in fund-raising, who have a proven record of working unreliably, have relations to sects or who bear no reference to global issues and development co-operation.

Criteria for the quality of Global Educaion at Berlin schools

To be on the list of competent contractors of Global Education, interested NGO have to fill out a questionaire and accept the quality criteria for Global Education. These quality criteria determine basic conditions and allow for a decision as to which organisations will be admitted onto the list of recommendations.
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