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BER positions towards state development policy

The Berlin Non-government organisations

Who they are and what they want

The colourfull globe right next door: More than 80 initiatives, associations and societies involved in development policy – and represented by the Berliner Entwicklungspolitische Ratschlag e.V. (BER) – bring the whole wide world to Berlin. In local shops they invite everyone to peek and linger. They inform about the situation in countries of the south – from citizen to citizen. Berlin’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is characterized significantly by these NGO’s – with educational and cultural events, they bring life to Berlin’s image as a world metropolis. On the other hand, they carry the ‘Berlin spirit’ into the world by participating in town twinning, development projects and cooperations.

For the BER, ‘Development politics’ has three meanings: firstly, it is the concrete work on development policies in countries of the south. Secondly, it means providing information and raising awareness amongst Berliners for the One-World-Concept – because rethinking has to take place in the north in order to change the living conditions of people in the south. And thirdly, ‘development politics’ means that there is a lot to ‘develop’ in Berlin, too: sustainable and fair economic management of the city, communal work, the situation of migrants and many other issues.

The BER is the network of Berlin NGO’s and was founded in 1996. Its function is to coordinate the member organisations, to strengthen their internal structures, and to represent their interests to the outside world. At the BER-coordination office, it is also possible to receive information and advice for initiatives who plan to carry out projects, and to learn the ABC’s of project work – from statutes of associations and fundraising to the implementation of projects.

Berlin NGO’s are experts in differing life realities all over the world. From ‘Global Education’ at Berlin schools and state development policy to scrutinizing the fair economy of the city: the work of NGO’s has become an indispensable part of Berlin. Therefore, it must continue to have a solid financial foundation. This is what the BER stands for and what it advocates to Berlin politicians.
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